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We are always open for any customization and  packaging as per our buyers requirement.We assure high quality packaging with safety during transit.Regardless of whether you buy a small quantity or big quantity, our customer base has different wants and needs.Remembering that all of our customers are different, is critical to create the products that is attractive to all our customers.As the old saying goes – if you try to appeal to everyone, you’ll appeal to no one.Instead of being just generally suitable for our clientele, we customize our product to be specifically perfect for each of our customer.
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We have made our colors, keeping in mind all the events – Holi parties, Color runs, Photo shoots etc. We offer all these packaging to our customers.

50 gms sachets
70 gms sachets
100 gms sachets
1 kg bags
5 kg bags
10 kg bags
20 kg bags
35 kg drums
50 kg drum
350 Gram Box_Flying Holi Colors PUNE.jpg
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