FLYING  HOLI  COLORS   -   Let's Spread The Colors Together !


- What is unique about your colors?

We at THE COLOR WORLD believe in manufacturing and supply of healthy, natural and completely safe Holi colors. We have got our colors tested for Non-toxicity, Skin Friendliness and Free from Heavy Metals (EN 71-3). All our certifications we achieved from SGS International Laboratory (Highest Standard Laboratory).

- What are the Ingredients of your Color?

Our colors are made up of Corn Starch (Zea Mays) and Food Grade Dye. As both the ingredients are natural so our colors are 100% safe.

- Are the colors safe?

Our Flying Holi Color Powder is completely Food grade (edible) product and the ingredients we use, are of highest quality standard. Our colors are 100% safe.

- Is it safe for children?

Yes, our Flying Holi Colors are safe for children too.

- Is your product environment friendly or eco-friendly?

Base of our color is Corn Starch which is completely natural so our colors are eco friendly as well as bio degradable.

- Is your colors stain free?

Yes, our colors are stain free. You can easily wash off the color by warm water from your cloths, grass, face etc

- Will the color wash off skin/out of hair?

Yes, our colors are stain free and do not react with skin. Though our colors are stain free still we suggest you to apply a moisturizer on face & hands as well as wear a cap or headgear (specially people with blonde hairs) while playing Holi.

- What if it gets in our eyes?

Suggest guests/participants to wear sunglasses at Holi festival, which will reduce the chances of colors getting inside the eyes. However, our Flying Holi Colors are natural so rinse your eyes with water, if color gets inside the eyes.

- Can we eat the colors?

Not recommended. Flying Holi Colors are completely safe but the taste of colors is not good to eat, so just wear the colors, don’t eat them.

- Can we inhale it?

No. No any side effect will occur even if you inhale, but better take precautions and wear nose masks to avoid inhalation.

- Can you customized different shades of colors as per our requirements?

Yes, we are always open for different packaging and customizations. Branding is also possible and there is no any extra charge for branding on the color pouches for you.

- Can you suggest color quantity per participant?

You may require around 300-400 gms Holi color per person. As our colors are free flowing and completely moisture free which makes its volume high than the other color available in market.

- How about Shipping?

We do have our own logistic team, who can supply colors all over the world. There are 3 shipping modes available:
        1.By Road - If the delivery location is nearby India and supply by road is possible.
        2.By Air – If you need the color powder fast then we supply colors by flight.
        3.By Sea – If the color powder quantity is huge and Holi Festival organizer provides us the required time for transit then Sea shipment is the best and cost effective mode of shipment.

- Who Buys Color?

Photographers, wedding planners, birthday party’s, sporting events, celebrations, graduations, artist, color fights, running/walking/5k events,  schools, churches, Holi festivals, and many more.

- What are the payment modes available with you?

We accept payment in our company bank account only. For big orders we are open for LC payment terms.

Tips for Safe Holi Celebration:

Never throw colors directly on face or mouth.
Avoid playing with colors in congested place and near an open flame place.
Always wear nose masks, goggles and headwear to avoid color getting inside.
Wash your body with warm water after playing Holi.